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oh $%**. i'm mad. my layout disappeared on me. this is stupid. i even thought of copying it all right before i clicked "submit"!!!!!! $*!#^&

our mailbox is fixed again (yay, thanks jade!), but our email addresses are still (or don't check that one as often, though...) and KD Performance Horses ~ • ~ Kelsey & Darrah
Layout by Dressy, 23170

About us:

Aim: billibobjobob Email:
Okeydokey- hey, it's darrah! I'm turning 16 july 27 *vroom vroom!* mwahahaha.
I live in beautiful, tropical Minnesota. nobody else on wos is from around here. *cries*
I lease a [very, very cute] almost-flaxen chestnut morgan named Jazz! We're working on our dressage, jumping, and perfecting the canter right now (jazz has problems with the last one...-kelsey). But yeah, jazz got started in her training, but had been kinda left alone until i started leasing her... I'm hoping to start some baby-novice eventing this summer, as soon as i teach jazz that, no, it's NOT fun to shoot off at a gallop to show how cool jumping is ;-)

Aim: horsedancer99 Email:
ummm... I'm a 15 yr. old girl, I live in (shudder) Minnesota.... and I'm really good friends with Darrah! I lease a chestnut Arabian mare named Anna; we're starting eventing together! Right now I've got a cold from being in the rain all weekend at a 4-H campout and a horse show that had no indoor arena... (darrah's cackling evilly). I've been riding morgans for 6 years. now I'm starting a new discipline (eventing), it's really fun!!! I'm really nice (darrah however is questionable...)j/k. other way around *nods* -darrah lol.
Quote: -I'm sick of chasing my dreams. I just want to find 0ut where they're going and catch up with 'em later!

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sigh. 2 bday wishes. thanks to those that acknowledged it, though. *sniff* hehe, j/k!

Woot! Darrah's birthday's on the 27th! 16 years old!

Well, as you can see, we have this whole breeding sale thingee going. I lowered the horses' fees even more since i put the whole "cheap breedings" thing on our now we have cheaper breedings! lol
but if you can't afford/don't wanna pay those fees, just gm us, cuz we can lower them even more if need be- negotiating is a good thing! we just need some breedings! lol
the winner of the piccy contest was morby (morbid reality), who recieved $100k. i'll be putting the runners-up on soon, and sending them a little cash, hold your horses, i'm lazy! lmao

Sorry about the pic contest... we have the winner and stuff now... just trying to find time to put it up on the page...

it's not REEEEALLY messed up....lmao. i'm in the process of fixing it- i put this scrolly thing in here so people wouldn't have to csroll down for miles to get to our horses, hehe....but it kinda looks funny after the scrolly thing now. so i'm workin' on it. at least it's not as screwed up as when i first put it in...WOAH. lmao!
so, how did your vaca go???? :-D

Wow, is it just me or is our layout really messed up?!?!?!?!-k

i only paid, like, $120,001 or $125,001 for him (auction, lol)!!!!!!! gah! i'm so happy!
ya know all those horses with the long lists of random numbers after their names? that's how they like to be showed! (1=the first option on the list, ie "bit: gentle bit" or "post: never," etc.; 2=the second option on the list, ie "legs: gentle" or "post: at walk," etc.; yah, you get it). yay for the people who actually take enough lessons to figure this stuff out!!!!!

Wow, forest fox is doing really well in eventing...questionable name though... how much did you pay for him darrah???? Im really happy, WE HAVE A GOOD SHOWER!!!! how have you been riding him??? email me-k

oh...sorry.....well, i won't be breeding her anymore- i just wanted to get one last breeding to levinsky before he retired.....i made sure to enter her in both a stable show and a daily before i bred so that she only missed 2 days of showing (not that we were showing her anyways, lol), plus we made $150k off the foal....sorry
ps~ erm.....why aren't we breeding her, again? sorrysrorry....i forgot why! honestly!

darraahhhhhh!!! I thought I asked you not to breed to jaded anymore.... in case you forgot, DONT BREED TO JADED! unless you have a really goood reason....

eee! omg omg omg! artic natruse and artic zippity r doing so well! multiple bis's and 1st's and 2nd's in one day!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited!!!!

bwahahahaaaa.... redid some of the coding/html so that the scroll ALWAYS works, no matter what internet browser you're on *cough*stupidmozilla*cough* power to the geeks!

So here it is! A new layout- thanks a gajillion, Dressy!!!
but yeah. piccy contest- $100k for the winning entry, which'll be judged on june 20th. it's for my hano mare, "the last rose" (check her page for details on her). pic must match her breed and color (don't care about the gender though, lol), have her name on it, have our name on it (#2511, KD Performance Horses, Kelsey [remember both e's! lol] & Darrah)- it should have "owned/loved/trained/bred by" before our name ;-), may include "made by [insert your number her]"- but it must be in SMALL font, in a non-distractingish place, and the picture shouldn't be gaudily huge (probably should be limited to 500-600px high or something like that; don't want it taking up the whole page). you can send in as many as you want, it doesn't matter if they're all completely different or if just the font or background hue has been tweaked. and remember, quality not quantity! lol. so yeah, send me the urls! maybe i'll be motivated enough to put up thumbs of all of the pics on my website...hehehe. please, please, PLEASE enter!!!! :-D
number of entries so far:
13 (woohoo!)

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Right now we're mostly into Hanoverians (because they were what were cheap/available, and it's just kind of gone on from there, lol), but we take whatever we can get ;-P. We're always looking for good, high-ranked horses to breed to/buy, or founded horses that are good show-ers.
Gm us if you have an interest in one of our horses. If we're willing to sell a horse, it's usually already up for sale, but hey, if the offers good enough....j/k!

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WOS Help Centre (which i am a proud member of and came up with the name for...lmao)
Tranquil Sun
Angel Attitude

we don't want to wierd anyone out or anything by putting them up here without them knowing it, sooo...
gm/email/pm/whatever us if you want to/would be willing to (lol) be listed as one of our wos friends!!! :-D

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We allow breedings about 97% of the time. We don't allow breedings when the horse is messed up (like seen in the hanoverian breed and founded horses occasionally), the horse is extremely low-ranked, the horse isn't taken care of, and- of course -if you're really rude.
We don't like to overbreed (as in more than, like, 10 for mares, 15 for, changes, lol- just gm us anyways, we'll tell ya if it's a go or not). Just gm us if you would like to breed, it's a lot easier (darrah's the sucker! lmao).

•Offer free lessons and boarding
•Put up ready-made/generic pictures for free
•Make personalized...

•Pics: $10k-$25k
•Layouts: $20k-$60k
(it all depends, just gm
or email us whatcha want)
•Make/trade/etc. shows for people
•Allow breedings (see breeding category)
•Readily offer help and advice (or!
•Babysit/watch horses/accounts

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