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I'm sorry to tell you all this, but I am quitting. I'm in the 8th grade, and high school is coming up quickly. Schedualing is a bit rough, and I have to work extramly hard to get god grades, so i can get a good start in high school. Also, projects are starting to come more and more, i have about 4 right now. I'm getting more after school activities and I need to get my riding techniques down, cause horse shows are coming up soon. I am so sad about leaving you all, but there is nothing I can do. I will hopefully be back in the summer, and I will try to get on every now and then to check my mail. I will miss you all!
xoxo- Sail On

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Cleveland Bay & Holestien Regitry - Wos Help Centre / WHC Breeding Association -Rare Breeds Association - Horse Enchancement Association - EOWOS

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These are my buddies! if u wanna chat just gm me and i will be willing to talk! (List is not in any order)
casey- Star- Skittles (Tatse The Rainbow)- ghspoco - Woody (woodchuck) - Cheesy Lady (Pine Oak TBs)- Bo's rescue/training - Andrea x0*~! - Gypsy - Charlie - Comet - Snowy - JoJo - Christena Reese - PuppyDragon - Celtic Meadows - Stable Champs - This Br Ranch

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Rank 112 POA Stallion. 50k fee.

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I am home To founded cleveland Bays and a few odd balls. I think there esier to deal with, so im not going to have many horses. But thats good. Hehe
1. Do Not Request A breeding without me knowing!!
2. No Inbreed/Overbreed Horses (for Overbreed 3 for mares and 5 for stallions)
3. I Don't Care how high ranked your horse is! It's MY dissisoin if i will let the breeding go!! (For Pedigree Purposes)
4. No Lower Breeding Fees. (Than On Chart, NOT on my horses names they are at deflut!)
5. No Crossbreeding (Qurater Horse To Arabian)
6. Must Be a trusted breeder! (no list) i do not want a foal to go to an overbreeder or inbreeder!
7. I do trade.
8. Stallions that you want to breed to... i would like to cordenate a breeding time, so we could both be on at the same time.. for obvious reasons.
9. Even Though a horses is not avaiable for breeding, you can still book a spot! and when the horse is ready, then i will tell you the price.
Breeding Key (For Chart)
Crossed Out Alreadt Done
* - Traded Breeding
? - Questionable
Thats it for now.... I wil take away the privelage if the rules are broken more than 4 times

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I make layouts and pics, the prices and details are as listed below.
Layouts: 10k each. You will tell me, what color background, your name and number, if you want any special breed/color horse, what you want your bars to say, and if you want it to say anything other than your name. Examples: My Layout, also, gm me for more if u would like some.
Simple Pics: 3k each. Just A picture of 1 horse, and a background. Examples Check Legacy.
Complex Pics: 5k each. You will have the choice of background color, your horses name, any other writting other than the name, 2 or more pics of a horse, invisable background (check Gold Rush and Visa Gold), and other pictures than a horse.

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C Grade: 0 - 10 B Grade: 11 - 25 A Grade 26 - 46 Grand Prix: 46 - 65 Olympic: 66 - up

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